About Montoya


Montoya has been a student of spirituality and esoteric wisdom ever since she was a little girl. With a background in yogic philosophy, meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness her work revolves around guiding clients to meet themselves fully, the light and dark, in order to empower themselves and create life-changing shifts.


At the root of everything Montoya does is her core philosophy:


You always have and always will have everything you need within you.


The answers are not “out there”.


It’s through stillness, curiosity, surrender, and trust that the answers are revealed.


Montoya’s intention is to guide her clients to create a foundation of sovereignty, truth, free expression, trust, and radical self love.


There is actually no “healing” to be done. This implies you are broken or flawed and that is a lie we’ve been sold.


This is simply a journey of uncovering. It is a reclamation of your truest self and a process of remembering that you are already whole and divinely perfect.

Currently, Montoya is in the process of completing her hypnotherapy certification through EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation.